Have you heard about R-Factoring? R-Factoring is an exciting new healing program created to help people break through old patterns of thought and perceptions.

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We all have created a Matrix Thought Grid. It has enveloped our minds and bodies, energetically forcing an imprint of our perspective of fear into our incoming thoughts. This then becomes actualized within our bodies and therefore projects out our energy bandwidths to manifest our realities.

This program will redesign your Matrix Thought Grid. Choosing to create a grid embedded with the higher healing energy of love will stabilize your thoughts and therefore actualize a new body and life for you.


You capture a thought and those thoughts bounce around in the thought grids that we develop in our lives, both past and current ones. Subconscious memories and sabotaging thoughts bounce around in the grid until manifestation of that thought is created based on the energies in each cross-point matrix it touches. The more intense the emotions felt, the faster the thought bounces around. The speed at which it manifests is related to the acceptance of the absolute of the truth of the thought. Fear-based thought grids are based on facts, examples, past experiences, and experiences of others. They are reliable and dependable. They are the current state of your life as truth and the logic that truth will continue.

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You are processing or factoring thoughts. Grouping your thoughts into either fear or love, each thought intensifies the grid perceptions so your grid gets stronger and stronger.


The grids are representations of who you believe you R. We assist you in creating a new grid system, developing new accepted thoughts. But we must grow beyond the limited ways that you have accepted thoughts before. We must create an acceptance based on new possibilities, with no need for proof. Knowing the proof will show up in the miracle. In the feeling. The proof becomes a creation of your feelings that you choose. Instead of the ones you unconsciously react to.

Space is Limited for Workshops 

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Located at

Wind Chime Farms

Central, Utah 84722

Meals and lodging included.

Up to 7 people per workshop.

Workbook : Certification

Meals and lodging included.

Up to 4 practitioners per workshop.

Workbook : Certification


Check-in 3 pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday:



Check-out 11 am

Each day will consist of...

meditation after breakfast,

lecture or application until lunch with workbook,

outdoor application after lunch,

Applications practiced outside when weather permits and may vary depending on weather.

and lecture or application until dinner with workbook.

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