Level III Practitioner

Ochune gives R-Factoring workshops in the Himalayan mountains of India, Himachal Pradesh. She is one of the first to receive the R-Factoring certification. Hidden away in the mountains for so long, she now shares her secrets. For a truly powerful workshop, go to Ochune.

Each day will consist of...

meditation after breakfast,

lecture or application until lunch with workbook,

outdoor application after lunch,

Applications practiced outside when weather permits and may vary depending on weather.

Applications practiced outside when weather permits and may vary depending on weather.

and lecture or application until dinner with workbook.

Located at

The Himalayan Village Resort, Kasol

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R-Factoring Certification Level

Level III - Completed January, 2018

Ochune offers healing workshops.


"I did the R-factoring workshop with Ochune in February. My experience to sum it up in one word is transformational! R-factoring is phenomenal. It helps identify typical life patterns you have been defaulting to. Typically all in fear. But what makes it truly transformational is the ability to convert these patterns to being love-based, resulting in transformational change. This transformation also ignites the understanding of the limitlessness of our human existence... and starts to release the confines of self-judgment. And while R-factoring itself is so powerful, what amplifies it is the practitioner who introduces it to you, and for me Ochune was absolutely fantastic. She is very clear, patient and calm when she is guiding you through the various sessions. What really distinguishes her is her very strong intuition that helps her quickly catch things that you may not be letting go of or identifying as root causes thus amplifying delivery."

~ Aman

"I recently did R-Factoring with Ochune. It's an amazing course with quick results. It's magical! I understand myself better, I can let go of situations that would torment me for days and am a happier person. I highly recommend it for everyone."

~ Brinda

"R-Factoring is like... after a long tiring day, you step into a shower and come out clean, relaxed, refreshed. R-Factoring has empowered me to heal and change my seed issue memory of pain... guilt... remorse... etc. to love-based ones. I feel free, energized and enthusiastic every day. I am now watchful of my thoughts and try and view them from a love-based perspective. Please, everyone, enroll for R-Factoring. It changes you... you love yourself, therefore, you love others and that will have a rippling effect"

~ Ruby