Level III Practitioner

Tania gives R-Factoring workshops in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. She is one of the first to receive the R-Factoring certification. For a truly powerful workshop, go to Tania.

Each day will consist of...

meditation after breakfast,

lecture or application until lunch with workbook,

outdoor application after lunch,

Applications practiced outside when weather permits and may vary depending on weather.

Applications practiced outside when weather permits and may vary depending on weather.

and lecture or application until dinner with workbook.

Located at

St Albert, Alberta Canada

Contact Tania

For information on other packages and venues, please contact 


(780) 265-1112

R-Factoring Certification Level

Level III - Completed March, 2018

Tania offers healing workshops.


"I have been on a healing journey in the spiritual world for a few years now with multiple teachers and healers. Going to classes every week, always making just enough progress towards feeling like I’m finally on my way, but somehow, slip back into that same spot I’ve been trying to get out of. I could never quite grasp why I wasn’t fully moving forward, and what more was it going to take? How many more healers and teachers was I going to have to see to figure out what was really going on with me? Then I spent three days with Tania! In these three days I had many “moments” of realization! Finally getting to the root cause and how my life was being affected on so many levels in my everyday life. The places Tania guided me at soul level was something I never imagined I would ever experience in this lifetime! I am beyond grateful and will continue to carry on what I have learned into my future life experiences."

~ Sheena B.

"R-Factoring is amazing...it goes so deep and allowed me to find parts of myself that I had forgotten existed."

~ Sue