Upcoming Workshops

Here is the schedule for workshops at Wind Chime Farms in Central, Utah with Kasey and Brad. This schedule is a guideline and subject to change.

Please email support@expandwithjulius.com for more details and to reserve your spot.

Healing Workshop 1

This 3-day workshop introduces you to the R-Factoring© program and gives you its incredible healing benefits. Each day involves applications and meditations using various elements and locations. You will be guided in the process of change.

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Healing Workshop 2

This program expands the extraordinary experience of Workshop I to the outer limits of conscious experience. It pushes the boundaries of your current states of frequency and reality and it continues to expand the thought matrix grid within the physical body and beyond.

In Workshop I, Julius use their energies to primarily achieve an extraordinary level of clearing the outer thought matrix grid of fear. In this next level, their energies help dissolve the fear actualised within the body that acts as a barrier to the free flow of high frequency thoughts and emotions. The clearing of these residual energies of fear and limitation in the physical and spiritual body clears the path for assimilation of the higher frequencies of consciousness that are unleashed in this workshop. Taking all this work to the next level, Julius assists you in electrifying and igniting the clarity and knowing of your soul.

Most importantly, Julius use their energies, the energies of very powerful vortices and the collective creative energy of participants to unleash kundalini energy through the body and brain in 3 phases. In the process, dormant parts of the brain are activated using techniques known to expand consciousness. In a steady build-up of phenomenal momentum and energy through the 3 days of the workshop, you eventually experience yourself as Source, the launching of all thought as you stand in the most powerful vortex of the workshop. The steady build-up in the energy of the vortices that you will experience throughout the workshop is necessary for your ability to acclimate to them. This is simultaneously coupled with the opening up of vortices in your body.

With the assistance of Julius students and participants, all in the workshop experience the most expanded versions of themselves.

You will experience possible healing of the body as well as healing of thoughts actualised in the body. Your limitations dissolve and your extraordinary self is expanded into a tangible state of being. There is a powerful conversion into higher frequencies of body and mind, resulting in deeper alignment with your soul. No matter which stage or phase you are in your consciousness, Julius will push you into higher experiences.

We suggest doing workshop II within 3 months of completing Workshop I for best results. Otherwise, a recap day of R-factoring I is recommended.

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This workshop is extremely intense in its impact on you. To facilitate smoother assimilation of these powerful love-based energies and states of being, we strongly recommend the following:

A) The workshop is an electronics-free retreat. Please ensure that your devices remain in your room so that other students are not exposed to EMF from your device.

B) To eliminate all distractions that may interfere with optimum results, please inform your staff and business partners that you will be unable to attend to work during these 3 days.

C) During breaks and after closing sessions every day, please utilize the quiet time for contemplation and assimilation of the day’s processes and perhaps journal. Social interactions between participants are to be kept to the very minimum.

D) All teachings are honoured and respected. However, we do ask that during the workshop, you do not study or refer to any other teachings or practices. Please do not propound these teachings to others.

E) No alcohol or drugs, unless prescribed by the doctor. No marijuana, please.

F) Please note that all questions are addressed to Julius in the workshop and will be answered by them. We love your wisdom, but participants are here to gain from the wisdom of Julius.

G) We love everyone’s participation and feedback. You are most welcome to ask questions. In doing so, please be mindful of other students’ time and opportunity. Everyone has the opportunity to interact with Julius, so please be patient and kind in allowing others to speak.

**Healing Workshop 1 is required before attending the Phase 2 workshop.

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